Here is an excerpt from my book, “Overcoming the Fear of Death” (2016). This excerpt explains what NDE’s (Near-Death Experiences) are, and describes one in detail where my friend Jay Peters was medically dead for 20 minutes surrounded by doctors and nurses in a hospital in Seattle...

I have in the past few months (October 2016) spoken with Jay’s doctor several times.

This is the most objective account of an NDE for me because:

  1. Jay was medically physically dead for 20 minutes (documented in hospital records)
  2. I personally knew him. And he told me the details of his NDE.
  3. I personally know his friend Diane who witnessed this at his bedside in the hospital
  4. I have talked with his physician recently several times about Jay’s NDE

NOTE: Doctors say permanent brain damage can occur after just 4 minutes of no oxygen, and death within another 4-6 minutes. (source: National Institutes of Health)