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Our objective is to help all people — no matter what their beliefs are — to reduce or eliminate their fear of death. So they can free up otherwise wasted energy to be refocused and better used in enjoying one’s daily life. To live life more fully now in the present.

We also are expert in Grief Recovery — helping our clients overcome the paralyzing effect of grief caused by losses of many kinds.
So they can free up that energy often consumed by grief and use it to enjoy life.

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What Do You Expect Will Happen When You Die?

Take this Questionnaire and you will find out which of the Beliefs About Death you fall under, or if you have a “hybrid belief.”

And if you are not sure what your beliefs about death are, this Questionnaire will help you identify what your personal beliefs are — regardless of whether you are religious or not religious, it does not matter. Then you will be able to determine which solution is best for you to overcome your fear of death and dying — forever!

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An Amazon Best Seller
by Kelvin Chin

overcoming the Fear of Death”

...a new approach
that underlies all the cultural & Religious beliefs in the world...

“Woody Allen once said, ‘I’m not afraid of dying. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.’ For those of us who will be there when it happens, through his book Kelvin Chin is providing insight, caring support and a warm life philosophy.”

    — Pen Densham, Oscar Nominated Filmmaker


(Audiobook is narrated by Kelvin Chin)
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after 20 years, this book finally helped me overcome my fear of death...

“I grew up in a very strict Christian home and heard thousands of hours of hell-fire and brimstone style preaching growing up....Whether you’re afraid of something bad happening to you after you die, or ceasing to exist forever, or the actual process of dying itself, this book deals with it all and is sure to help you in some way. I was honestly at the end of my rope when I reached out to Kelvin. The fear of death was ruining my life, but after 2 decades of struggling with this fear, and reading on the subject, listening to YouTube videos, talking to a therapist, I was starting to think there was no hope for me. Nothing worked! But I was wrong. There is help and there is hope. I’m very grateful for Kelvin and the work he does. It has changed my life and made me more optimistic about the future. My attitude about death now is that whatever happens, I’ll be able to handle it :) The relief I’ve felt has been nothing short of a miracle.”

    —  J.A., Arizona

To read the Full version of J.A.’s story, or to Read Comments from others Kelvin has helped: CLICK HERE.

Order your Free Book for your Hospice,
Hospital or other Healthcare Facility

We have a Donor who will send a free copy of Kelvin’s book to you (nurses, social workers, chaplains, administrators) and your facility.
Just Contact us and request your free copies.

I received my copy and shared it immediately with the Hospice chaplain. It was perfect timing for a young patient of 51 years old and helped him move along on his journey. Thank you so much for making this available to Hospice teams of social workers, chaplains and all of those that work with people that need us most.
— Lynda Ferro, LMSW, Hospice Social Worker, Gilbert, Arizona

Many people find Meditation helpful in reducing anxieties
including fears about death...

End-of-Life University
Recorded July 26, 2017
Physician Karen Wyatt, MD & Kelvin Chin

“DO NOT Make These Meditation Mistakes -
Learn 8 Essential Insights !”


Are you looking for help for a loved one in a Coma or at End-of-Life?

Here is what you CAN do...
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“The Fear of Uncertainty”

Many people have the Fear of Uncertainty at the basis of all their fears about death and dying.
Because as we all know NOTHING is certain in life...we cannot even predict the weather (except maybe in Southern California or the Arabian Desert!), but seriously, no one knows the future for certain. The only thing that IS certain is that we are all going to physically die — when, where and how is uncertain, but the fact is that we will physically die at some point. Obviously, right?

But there IS something we can do about it. We CAN eliminate the Fear of Uncertainty.

Read this Free article to find out HOW...

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         Click on above image to LISTEN to More Audio Clips of Kelvin Chin...

“The 6 Myths About Grief”

What are the 6 Myths About Grief ?
Find out why some of them can actually be harmful !
And why some can prolong the paralyzing effects of grief...

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Click on this magazine to read the Interview with Kelvin Chin...

Click on this magazine to read the Interview with Kelvin Chin...


Featured Interview with
Kelvin Chin

by Lisa Furlong, Executive Editor
September - October 2016

Fellow Dartmouth College alumnus, Jake Tapper of CNN, is seen on the cover of this issue of the magazine.


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“I’m 72 years old, had a successful career as a businessman, and raised a great son, but I have had a fear of death that has ruined my life. I thought I’d tried everything — until I found Kelvin Chin through his website.
I have now started getting my life back, and I’m now feeling more peaceful and relaxed. I have not felt this good since I was in my 20’s. I’ve noticed I have much, much less fear of dying and most of the time I don’t even think about it. And I sleep much better now.
Here’s my advice — Don’t wait till you’re my age.
Contact Kelvin while you are still young and have your whole life ahead of you.”
— Richard Bridgman, Springfield, IL (details of Richard's story appeared in Newsweek, Feb. 2017)

“Organizations that fully embrace transparency—the heart of our Exchange program—can share data about their organization’s impact to earn the Gold level. The Gold level of participation is GuideStar’s highest distinction, earning the most benefits and recognition. Of course, it’s also the hardest level to achieve which is why those numbers are in the 700s. Your organization, Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation, is among the elite few to reach that distinction—Congratulations!”
— GuideStar Nonprofit Directory, GuideStar USA