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Here is an excerpt from my book, “Overcoming the Fear of Death” (2016). This excerpt explains what NDE’s (Near-Death Experiences) are, and describes one in detail where my friend Jay Peters was medically dead for 20 minutes surrounded by doctors and nurses in a hospital in Seattle. But, he came back.

Our mutual friend, Diane Rousseau PhD, was sitting at Jay Peters’ hospital bedside during the entire NDE event in 2004, and also recounted to me for my book her experiences of what happened in the hospital room with the medical staff, and within Diane herself (in her mind) during this 20-minute period.

I have also — since publishing my book — spoken several times with Jay’s long-time family friend, Robert Redfield MD, who has known his medical history since 1982.

This is the most objective account of an NDE for me because:

  1. Jay was medically physically dead for 20 minutes (documented in hospital records)
  2. I personally knew him. And he told me the details of his NDE.
  3. I personally know his friend Diane who witnessed this at his bedside in the hospital
  4. I have talked with his long-time family friend Dr. Redfield (who is also a physician) about Jay’s NDE

NOTE: Doctors say permanent brain damage can occur after just 4 minutes of no oxygen, and death within another 4-6 minutes. (source: National Institutes of Health) ~ Jay Peters had no brain damage after his 20-minute NDE.