It is not the end of the physical body that should worry us. Rather, our concern must be to live while we’re alive — to release our inner selves from the spiritual death that comes with living behind a façade designed to conform to external definitions of who and what we are.
— Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Our Specialty

While we work with clients of all ages, religions and backgrounds, we specialize in working with those who have often tried everything else that have failed to provide them with solutions to their mental, emotional, physical or spiritual challenges related to their fear of death. We also specialize in helping end-of-life clients transition from their physical body to whatever happens next —  by giving them techniques, understanding and support so they move through their end-of-life transition without fear or anxiety.

our Foundation takes a two-pronged approach to helping you overcome the fear of death...

First, our Foundation offers lectures and seminars, as well as individual phone sessions, to assist us in understanding death more clearly and aligning that understanding more accurately with each of our respective belief systems whatever they may be. To do this, we help people look at the death and dying process through the lens of their own belief system, and help them think about it with greater clarity and understanding.

Second, our Foundation promotes the teaching of any effortless technique of Turning Within that releases the individual from the limiting effects of fears and anxieties by allowing the mind, body and emotions to relax and balance. By turning on the “opposite of the Fight or Flight switch” that exists in everyone, this results in a more balanced neurophysiology and blood chemistry, more effective thoughts and actions, and greater self-confidence, which is integral in helping people both overcome their fear of death and lead happier, more productive lives.

We also help people with Grief Recovery. This is different from grief support groups or therapy. These are action programs that help individuals get past the paralyzing effects of grief they may be carrying associated with a loss of any kind, e.g., the death of a loved one, or other loss. CLICK here for more information on our Grief Recovery Program.

Our Mission

Kelvin H. Chin founded the nonprofit Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation to dedicate his efforts to helping people improve the quality of their lives now — in the present — by overcoming their fear of death.

The Foundation’s objective is to help people reduce or eliminate their fear of death — to free up otherwise wasted energy that can be refocused to better use in one’s daily life.

Kelvin works with people from all continents, including Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. He works nights and weekends as well, so if that is a better option for you, let him know. Please indicate the Time Zone you are in, so Kelvin can coordinate calls with you. 


According to Kelvin Chin, Executive Director of the Foundation, “Each individual’s beliefs and experiences are fundamental to their perspective on death – I respect those beliefs and adjust our discussions accordingly. Because my own memories reach back many years, and include many different traditional approaches to death, I can more easily assist others when they are dealing with death head on, and help them to develop within themselves a broader understanding so they can lessen their fears about death now – and then continue on their own until they overcome all those fears.”

“But, it doesn’t matter what one’s belief is — whether one believes that one dies and that’s it, or whether one believes that the mind continues after the body dies — in either case, I can help each person overcome their fear of death. And, what's the point? ...To live a happier, more productive life now  —  free from the limiting effects of fear.”

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