“Live” Videoconference Series
Afterlife & Reincarnation Experiences

In this 6-part series, Kelvin discusses the possibility of an Afterlife and the idea of Reincarnation. He gives informational “data points” to you, based on experiences he and others have had, NOT to try to convince you of their accuracy, but to share information and experiences with you, so that YOU can decide for yourself if it makes sense, or not.

All of Kelvin’s work is based on the premise that each of us has to figure out life (and death) for ourselves. Kelvin views himself as a guide, a sort of “tour guide,” who has been through the life and death experience many times and is here to share what he knows about it with you. To reduce your fears and increase your comfort so you can enjoy life more fully living here NOW!

“I highly recommend this class from Kelvin. Kelvin offers an in-depth explanation of the afterlife & reincarnation. This class is not just typical textbook information but first-hand experiences & knowledge that Kelvin has gained over the many years of his past lives & journeys. In this class, I came away with a better understanding, a broadened perspective of what reincarnation & the afterlife is. I felt privileged to be able to take this class from a true disciple of enlightenment & that is exactly what Kelvin is - a disciple of enlightenment.”
~ Shelly Price Thelen, USA

“I feel fortunate to have taken part in the series. Kelvin is an extremely intelligent, articulate, and very approachable individual, one who values everyone he meets. He has introduced me to a broader understanding of death and dying, and I can honestly say that my views have expanded. I encourage others to participate in these sessions, to bring open minds and hearts, and above all, to share with Kelvin and others their own stories. Thank you, Kelvin!”
~ Mary Pazniokas, USA

“I've been meditating for nearly 50 years, and this is a fresh approach to looking inward for me. Kelvin's profoundly informative teachings and methods are truly important to anyone who is seeking to further understand and appreciate the validity of their own Spiritual existence. Kelvin's approach to meditation is simple and, with practice, deeply enlightening.

His 6-part "Afterlife & Reincarnation" series was truly a wonderful experience. Life is learning, and learning never ends - nor do we.”
~ John Hjort, USA and Philippines

“I cannot speak highly enough of Kelvin’s video conference series. All my life I’ve had psychic experiences and have not been able to share them with anyone. I think Kel’s sharing of his experiences is the most important work he could be doing. I came away with a feeling of not being all alone, but feeling that we’re all in this together and life is better than I thought.”

~ Harpo DeRoma, USA

“Kel's ‘live’ video series was one of the best I've done. It was so detailed and informative and it was so refreshing that the listeners were able to participate in the calls to ask questions or share their own stories. I really resonate with Kel for his pragmatic and down-to-earth personality and I highly recommend anyone that is interested in topics related to the afterlife join this conference.
It has been valuable beyond words!”
~ Angelique Woodburn, Australia

“6-part Series about Afterlife & Reincarnation Experiences: 
Real or Imagined?”

“LIVE” lecture & discussion led by Kelvin Chin
Life After Life Expert

  • NEXT SERIES ~ Starting Saturday, September 28, 2019
    (& every other Saturday after)

  • 10:00 AM PST (Pacific Time)
    (11 AM MST, 12 CST, 1 PM EST, 6 PM London, 7 PM Paris, 11 PM Bangladesh)

This 6-session videoconference series with Kelvin will be held LIVE every other Saturday
starting September 28, 2019 at 10:00 AM PST (Pacific Time).

Each session will be 1-1/2 to 2 hours long.

The discussion will be interactive.
You should feel free to share your experiences.

Many Privacy Options: The web link has a “Chat Room” box where you can send Kelvin questions during the talk - in case you’re shy, or don’t want to forget your question 🙂 You can also select whether you want it to be private or for everyone on the call to see. You can turn your camera on or off. Or, you can call in from your phone anonymously (no name appears on the conference screen).

Kelvin will talk first on each topic, sharing his experiences and views. His experiences are many and varied both this lifetime, and going back 6,000 years. See his bio.

This will be followed by Q&A and Comments from the attendees on the videoconference call. You can either call in from your phone, or watch and interact using the web connection on your laptop or tablet. OR, you can watch later when you get the link to the recording of the session.

Topics discussed in the 6 sessions:

  1. “What happens when we die?”

  2. “Can we get glimpses of the other side? NDEs and OBEs”

  3. “Is Reincarnation in your future? ...or in your past?” - How do we remember past life memories? Is it important to?

  4. “Why do people think there’s a Hell?” - What about punishment in the Afterlife? The history of Hell - where did it come from? Did Jesus preach there was a Hell?

  5. “Can our friends communicate from the other side?” - Visits from dead loved ones - how common is it? What forms do they come in? Why do they come and go irregularly and sometimes stop? Do angels exist?

  6. “What part of us continues after our body dies (mind, soul, something else)?”

If you have read Kelvin’s book “Overcoming the Fear of Death,” this series will focus on issues that arise from the 3rd and 4th Belief Systems in his book.

BOOK THESE 6 SESSION DATES in your Calendar NOW !!

Saturdays in U.S.
10:00 AM PST

(11 AM MST, 12 CST, 1 PM EST, 6 PM London, 7 PM Paris, 11 PM Bangladesh)

  • September 28

  • October 12

  • October 26

  • November 9

  • November 23

  • December 7


EARLY BIRD Discount ~ until September 16, 2019 !!!
$100 for entire 6-session series (only $16 each!)
Don't delay - Secure your space with a Discounted rate.

$125 for entire 6-session series ~ After September 16

No one is turned away for financial reasons. Contact Kelvin if you need a scholarship.

(Special meeting codes will be issued for the session, so if you register and miss a session, you may watch the recording later.)

You will receive an email with the Web Link and Call-In info for the sessions after you register.

More Comments from Prior Attendees…

“Thank you Kelvin, I really enjoyed the video lectures on death and the afterlife! Never knew about death and dying as it wasn't discussed in my Jewish conservative background. The only thing I remember in my early single digit years was my brother sharing what he learned and my parents flipping out and changing synagogues. He shared: when we die the soul goes to heaven and our energy exists.

Additionally, from that experience it scared me and our family never talked about death and dying except religious traditions. I've been scared most of my life and recently became curious as my intuitive gifts surfaced and I always questioned what does it mean to be the chosen ones (Bible reference).

I now see myself as a light energy with a physical soul comfortable about my presence on earth and after life. Kelvin, our discussions make me want to even more connect with other energies. I know they exist and hope to learn meditations to further enhance my abilities. I also want to help others understand and become comfortable with themselves here and in crossing over, just like you! Thank you for being the light and gateway for our presence near and not so far!” ~ Sharon Infante

“I participated in Kelvin's six week series “Afterlife & Reincarnation Experiences: Real or Imagined?” after reading his book, "Overcoming the Fear of Death", because I was fascinated with Kelvin's experiences, his understanding of death, dying, and its “aftermath.” I appreciated his measured and intelligent way of describing them, while also being unpretentious and very warm. 

Kelvin has spent decades working with people and institutions, helping them overcome their fear of death, as well as opening himself up to broadening his own perceptions and understanding of what we see as a life and death cycle. His sensitivity to others has given him the opportunity to hear their stories, and further explore how different their experiences can be, thus adding to his library of information. 

Each of the sessions in the series addressed an aspect of common beliefs, and challenged my own thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed Kelvin's presentations, and appreciated his encouraging us to participate with questions and sharing our own stories; this added another layer to the topic. It was interesting to hear what others have experienced, believe, or question about what we have been taught through our religious or cultural affiliations. 

I feel fortunate to have taken part in the series. Kelvin is an extremely intelligent, articulate, and very approachable individual, one who values everyone he meets. He has introduced me to a broader understanding of death and dying, and I can honestly say that my views have expanded. 

I encourage others to participate in these sessions, to bring open minds and hearts, and above all, to share with Kelvin and others their own stories. Thank you, Kelvin!” ~ marypaz

“My mom is going through end-of-life stages now. Actually your book and video series really did make us feel more comforted. It was both comforting and affirming to listen to others recount their experiences with those that have passed. I also enjoyed your personal stories and recollections. Thank you - I hope you continue to reach out to comfort and reassure those that are frightened, anxious, or grieving; and to educate those that are curious. Warm Regards.” ~ Ellen Cusick

“I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the video series addressing life after death. It's been a pleasure listening to Kelvin and hearing about his personal experiences with loved ones who've crossed over. This video series confirms my own experiences and validates my own thoughts about the afterlife. I'm grateful to have learned that we are greeted by loved ones and that free will is in fact a reality on the other side. I had concerns about reincarnating with several toxic family members due to unfinished business. I was elated to learn that isn't the case unless I decide to experience another life with these people. 

Thank you, Kelvin for sharing your light  and gifts with the world. My life has been enriched just by knowing you. Thank you for teaching me and for being loving and supportive without judgement!”
~ Michele Haviland Goodwin