Fears Expressed By Others...


Is your fear of death and dying getting in the way of your daily life?

You’re not alone...

Here are a few excerpts from emails of people from around the world — ages 15 to 80 — expressing their fears to our Foundation. We have helped them. We can help you overcome your fear of death and dying...so that you can enjoy living your life more fully now!
Contact Kelvin and tell him your situation...he is a compassionate listener and guide.

I’m 17 years old, I have quite a big fear as your organization deals with and I’m reaching out for some help. I have anxiety and fear over the continued existence and I don’t know what to do. I can’t sleep that well anymore.
Please contact me and thank you.
— Europe
My fear of death began when my grandfather passed away. I never really talked about it with anyone. Recently, I began to have lingering fears of dying again, but also fear of my loved ones dying. This has created a feeling of loneliness and anxiety in myself. Often when I am working this fear overcomes me and I feel as though my ability to work and think has been drastically reduced, and I am consumed with negative emotion.
— United States
I’ve struggled on and off with the idea that my life will end and my consciousness will cease to exist. Whenever I think about it I feel extreme stress and I get sick to my stomach. I am here to ask for your help Mr. Chin, so that I can live without an overlying fear and can sleep soundly at night. Thank you for your time.
— Europe
I read the article you were featured on in the “Business Insider,” and really felt the need to reach out to you. I feel mentally wrecked by the fear of dying too young, and it’s affected every aspect of my life from relationships to career to my inner being. It’s been debilitating and I know I have so much to bring to this world. I used to be so full of passion, emotion, and love of life. I could really use your expertise and guidance! I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!
— United States
Hello Mr. Kelvin! Recently I have read your articles on the web. So could you help me to face the fear? Sorry for my bad English. Please answer me soon.
Thank you!
— Asia