Has everything else you’ve tried still left you at a loss ?

Do you wish you could get back to living your life —

Enjoying Life ?

More peaceful & relaxed Now...like I was in my 20’s...

“I’m 72 years old, had a successful career as a businessman, and raised a great son, but I have had a fear of death that has ruined my life. I thought I’d tried everything — until I found Kelvin Chin.
I have now started getting my life back, and I’m now feeling more peaceful and relaxed. I have not felt this good since I was in my 20’s.
Here’s my advice — Don’t wait till you’re my age.
Contact Kelvin while you are still young and have your whole life ahead of you.”
— Richard Bridgman, Springfield, IL

How Kelvin Can Help You

Kelvin Chin has been a Life & Death Coach for 30 years.

He helps clients live their lives now during any of these 3 stages of life —
1) while they are healthy yet they have a fear of death, or just a blockage in their lives,
2) while they are going through the dying process (either themselves or with a loved one), or
3) after the death of a loved one, or any other loss (job, divorce, financial, etc.)

Kelvin gives you the tools you need to move forward and begin living and enjoying your life again!

Kelvin draws from a broad base of unique experiences —

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Kelvin’s Story

Kelvin’s mom died at a young age when she was only in her 50’s — it shocked and traumatized him, yet he found his way out of that dark place of grief and loss. And while he was raised by a Renaissance mother and scientist father who believed this was their only life, Kelvin also pulls from his own unique personal experiences — his own OBE’s and deep library of memories going back many years before birth.


Your Beliefs

So he is completely comfortable talking with clients who come from very different beliefs about death and dying — some have had NDE’s, OBE’s, past life experiences, and even visits from dead relatives, while others believe that this life is their only life. Kelvin respects all beliefs.

The Goal

Kelvin’s goal is to encourage your own “self-realization” — to help you figure out through your own beliefs how to live more fully now in the present. He is not here to convince you to believe his beliefs or anyone else’s beliefs.

Working closely with you sharing ideas and perspectives that stimulate your own thinking about life and death, he empowers you to trust yourself and your unique abilities to figure out your personal path to reclaiming the power of life over death.

That is what “self-realization” means.

a unique ability to “connect the dots”...

Kelvin also is grounded in business — he worked in corporate for decades. So, he brings a unique ability to discuss both the “out there” experiences that often come with death and dying, and also a perspective that is down-to-earth and practical — all of which is crucial in helping you get the tools to truly move forward with your life.

That’s what makes working with Kelvin so unique — he is grounded in present-day reality and can also discuss the most extraordinary “out there” experiences — because he has lived them.

He is a skilled and empathetic professional listener, teacher and healer.
A true Life After Life Expert.

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  • 1st 1-hour session: Free (donations are welcomed, but optional — Click on Donate button)

  • Subsequent sessions: $150

Discuss payment plans if your budget is tight — Kelvin’s goal is to help you NOW, so you can move forward, so don’t be shy to raise the issue! If the $150 session fee is still cost prohibitive for you, Kelvin will work out a lower rate…

Worldwide sessions
Kelvin coaches people from all around the world.
If your local economy is not based on the U.S. dollar, then the fee will be discounted proportional to the local cost of living.

Contact him soon to book an appointment — scheduling is limited.

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Gift of Connecting and Touching Listeners at a Deep emotional Level...

“I have heard Kelvin speak many times over the past 20 years. He is an amazing speaker, not merely because he can explain difficult issues in a clear, interesting, sometimes humorous way, but mainly because he has a gift of connecting with each member of the audience in a way that is unique to each of them. This enables Kel to “touch” the listener at a very deep level, so the information gets absorbed and understood...not just intellectually but also at deep emotional levels.”
— Kenneth Jedding, LCSW, Psychotherapist