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“6-part Series about Afterlife & Reincarnation Experiences:
Real or Imagined?”

  • Starting Saturday, September 28, 2019

  • 10:00 AM PST (Pacific Time)

  • 6-sessions with Kelvin

  • LIVE every other Saturday

  • Each session will be 1-1/2 to 2 hours long

  • Use the Web Link (laptop or tablet) or call in from your phone

The discussion will be interactive.
You will be encouraged to share your experiences.

You can either call in from your phone, or watch and interact using the web connection via your laptop or tablet.
You will receive the Web Link and Call-in Info via email after you register.

Topics to be discussed in the 6 sessions:

  1. “What happens when we die?”

  2. “Can we get glimpses of the other side? NDEs and OBEs”

  3. “Is Reincarnation in your future? ...or in your past?”

  4. “Why do people think there’s a Hell?”

  5. “Can our friends communicate from the other side?”

  6. “What part of us continues after our body dies (mind, soul, something else)?”

EARLY BIRD Discount ~ until September 16, 2019 !!!
$100 for entire 6-session series
Don't delay - Secure your space with a Discounted rate.

$125 for entire 6-session series ~ After September 16

If you register and miss a session, you may watch the recording later.


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