Do you feel paralyzed?

Handicapped by grief?

Unable to enjoy life?

  • death

  • divorce

  • layoff

  • Empty nesters

  • financial meltdown

  • moving homes

  • Among many others...

Many different life changes can be Sources of Grief

Do you wish you could “get past it” and live life free from the grief of that loss?

You can...

Seminar for a “Gold Star Family”...

“We partnered with Kelvin to offer a grief counseling seminar for a “Gold Star Family” (immediate relatives of members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have been killed in combat) on the 1-year anniversary of their loss. Kelvin’s methods are vital to the grief recovery process and we look forward to partnering with him to help more Gold Star Families in the future.”
— John Kane, Co-Founder & COO, Camp Eyas


“Lightened my grief burden…”

“My wife Judy died a little over three months ago and
I have just completed my work with Kelvin.
He is knowledgable, caring and non-judgmental,
just the right person to share your grief concerns with.
We worked through the “Grief Recovery Method” and
it lightened my grief burden substantially.
I am really glad I had the opportunity to work with him
and would recommend him highly.”

— Bob Frumkin, Torrance, California

“...helped me free myself...”

“Kelvin’s Grief Recovery Program was very effective in helping me complete several unresolved issues within myself — I was experiencing grief because of these issues.
Kelvin helped me free myself of this behavior.”
— SD, Austin, Texas

The Solution:

The Grief Recovery Program

The Grief Recovery Method is an internationally-acclaimed action program for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses. There is a several week Individual Program, Group Program, and Helping Children Deal with Loss Program.

Unlike support groups or counseling therapy sessions, this is a close-ended program (with a beginning and an end) that helps the participant get past the debilitating effects of the grief associated with the loss, empowers them with tools to use on an ongoing basis, and gets the person to a place where they can move forward and live life more fully again. Most importantly...

It works !

Kelvin Chin, MA, JD, GRS is a certified grief recovery specialist . He is the author of “Overcoming the Fear of Death,” and has been working with people for 30 years on dealing with issues of loss of all kinds —

  • death of a loved one (family, friend, pet)

  • divorce

  • layoff

  • financial loss

  • and many of the 40 other types of “losses” we can experience

Kelvin works closely with the program participants using study materials and exercises which are specifically designed to help each person gain more insight. By the end of the program, you feel freer from the previously limiting effects of the grief, and will have gained greater clarity about your relationship and issues, whatever they may have been. Clients experience a major internal shift that directly affects their daily personal lives.

Kelvin works both with individuals one-on-one, and with groups.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College, a master’s degree from Yale University, and a law degree from Boston College. He is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and a certified AAA Blue Ribbon mediator and former ombudsman in the President’s Office at MIT, so he is a skilled and empathetic professional listener, teacher and healer.


$995 for 7 one-hour Private Sessions, includes discussion of weekly reading material & homework.
Contact Kelvin to discuss the 7-week program. Payment plans that you create are available.

Special reduced rates for groups (families and mixed groups), and for those on fixed or low income.
Special reduced rate for Veterans.

Worldwide classes
I teach people from all around the world.
If your local economy is not based on the U.S. dollar, then the fee will be discounted proportional to the local cost of living.


“I was approaching mid-life...”

“I was approaching mid-life with no signs of great accomplishment – lofty goals that I had set for myself as a young man, and then traveled halfway around the world to try and accomplish them.  

However hard I tried, in many different businesses and careers, wealth and a sense of success seemed to elude me.  I was miserable.  It seemed that I would not be able to amount to much in life compared to the other people I knew and would meet.  Their LinkedIn profiles were so glamorous, with all the great accomplishments and top-tier schools attended, and memberships in this and that, and work experience spanning the globe in “A” listed companies. 

And there was I.  Not that I had not accomplished anything, but I was unhappy.

Kelvin Chin talked to me about what he did to help people.  He helps people to overcome the fear of dying; teaches “Turning Within” Meditation; and grief counseling.  I sort of felt that what I was carrying around with me for some years could be grief.  Not the grief associated with someone passing away, but a sort of grief that I had not accomplished what I had planned in life.

So I signed up for Kelvin’s Grief Recovery Program.  This process took me through my life (like an 8mm movie).  What it helped do for me was to unload my thoughts and emotions, into what seemed and felt like a physical object – a messy ball, or some useless stuff that managed to feel like a physical object – which I was able to send off into space.

I discovered that the Grief Recovery Program helped me to identify what I really valued in life.
All my life I had thought that accomplishment and security would make me happy.  That achieving status and wealth would make me happy. However, I realized that my DNA is wired to living a life of purpose.  I was miserable because I had not identified what I valued most in life.  For me, what I value most in life is living with purpose – from within, and running my own race.

So it took courage to let go of years of conditioning, and courage to let myself be okay with running my own race without having to compete for wealth and recognition to feel validated. 

These days I bring my talents and creativity to the office to help others who need me. I have aligned well.  And it feels really, really good.”
— DS

“The older I got, the more my grief issues became magnified...”

“The older I got, the more my grief issues became magnified and kept me from living my life with more joy. Kelvin’s Grief Recovery Program helped me resolve each issue. Furthermore, unlike counseling sessions which may go on for years, Kelvin’s program helps you complete the recovery in several sessions. What is truly great is that you leave with this technique, so that you can implement it on your own at any time, when you are confronted with grief.
I recommend Kelvin and his Grief Recovery Program. Kelvin is easy to talk to because he is non-judgmental and is sincere about helping people.”
— SDS, Austin, Texas

Click on the book to read more, and for a Special Offer...

Click on the book to read more, and for a Special Offer...


I love your voice in the book: I truly felt that you were in the room with me. It has helped me deal with the loss of my hero, my Father. I felt like I had a good friend guiding me through the hardest time of my life. I am so grateful that this book has been here to guide me through my grief and to help me understand and accept his death and move on from this pain

— Maria Barr, London, England