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“Understanding Your True Self to Overcome Your Fear of Death” 

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April 15, 2015
by Editor Zhao Liang

There is a reluctance to touch the subject of death. Even though many people avoid it, it is an important issue of concern. On April 13, many people in the Bay Area were attracted to the audience to listen to Kelvin Chin speaking on "Overcoming the Fear of Death."

Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation Executive Director Chin said people often tell jokes when they hear the word death. But what death is, no one can know clearly.

He said people have four beliefs about death. One is when the body dies, the soul dies. Another is when the body dies, the soul continues to exist, but we are afraid of what might happen. Then another is when the body dies, the soul continues to exist, but goes into a transition state. The last one is that the body dies, and then the soul continues to exist, and again goes through the cycle of reincarnation. He has found that the fear of death has many people believing the second belief. He said that since people do not know the future, this may often lead them to unhappiness because they have the fear of the unknown.

He hopes that through the establishment of the "Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation," he can help those who fear death out of the shadows of their fear.

Chin's mother was only 50 years old when she passed away, causing him great sadness in his youth thinking about her life. He believes that life is to be lived in the present, lived fully, and that death is not terrible, not something to be feared.

In his view, the importance of knowing oneself in advance will help enhance the state of one's life on every level. This can happen through meditation practice, and as a result one may get 'past life memories' of past lives, and these memories will help them in this life to overcome various difficulties and hardships. …



走出死亡恐懼 了解真正自我

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【大紀元2015年04月15日訊】(大紀元記者李文淨舊金山採訪報道)死亡這個話題一直是人們不願觸及的議題。雖然不少人對此避而不談,但它卻是人們關注最多的議題。4月13日,由科文.陳(Kelvin Chin)主講的「超越死亡的恐懼」,吸引了眾多灣區民眾到場傾聽。






聽眾克拉倫斯.唐纳荷(Clarence Donahoe)表示,聽了演講,開闊了心胸。以前一直不理解越南人為什麼死後,一定要將他們的遺體運回自己的村莊埋葬,現在能夠理解那個民族習俗,也能包容他們的文化傳統了。

舊金山聯邦俱樂部主持人喬治.哈蒙德(George Hammond)表示,古人對於宇宙、生命與人體的理解,超越現代科學。[Originally published in Epoch Times, April 15, 2015]