KELVIN’s INTERVIEW with Roberta Grimes on her WebTalkRadio Show - “Seek Reality”

Listen to this INTERVIEW of Kelvin Chin by Roberta Grimes, attorney and BBM Global Network & WebTalkRadio show host of “Seek Reality”...

Roberta asks Kelvin some unusual questions based on her unique perspective on the subject of death and dying. Listen to this very interesting exchange of ideas!

TOPICS COVERED by Kelvin in this interview:

  • Translating the esoteric in an understandable and practical way
  • The 4 Main Belief Systems about death 
  • How to use the 4 Belief Systems (so you can talk with others who have different beliefs from you)
  • “Turning Within” effortlessly to turn on the opposite of the “Fight or Flight” response
  • The Afterlife - what’s it like
  • Reincarnation & Past Lives - what is it like to remember them, how it affects me now, when can it happen, what part of us continues from life to life
  • Meditation as an easy, effortless technique, Not involving focus or clearing the mind - to help us reduce our fears and live more fully now

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