Interview with Kelvin Chin & McNair Ezzard on “A Better World”

Kelvin Chin is interviewed on the WPVM radio show, “A Better World,”
by its host McNair Ezzard in Asheville, North Carolina
(59 minutes, NOTE: there is a short song half way through…”Long Live the Queen”)


  • Overcoming the Fear of Death

  • The 4 Main Belief Systems (non-religious beliefs)

  • How to overcome this fear (with client examples)

  • The Fear of death versus the Fear of the process of dying versus the Fear of losing loved ones

  • Fight or Flight response - how to deal with it

  • Kelvin’s personal experiences with death, OBE’s

  • U.S. population’s belief in reincarnation

  • Kelvin’s reincarnation experiences that started 40 years ago

  • Near-death experiences (NDE’s) (with actual examples)

  • “Turning Within” as a healthful process

  • Kelvin’s meditation technique, how it is different from others

  • Kelvin’s view on death now after 40 years doing this work