Reincarnation and Living in the Present

by Kelvin H. Chin
Life After Life Expert, Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation

It’s never easy to deal with your own death or the death of loved ones, even if you believe in reincarnation — past lives, future lives, coming back in another life in another body… 

I talk about this in my lecture for those in the audience who believe in reincarnation, or who are curious about the possibility of its reality. 

There always seems to be at least about 5% in the audience who believe in reincarnation — in a place like Malibu where I gave a 4-hour seminar there were as many as 30% in that belief category. 

But I always point out that even if we believe in reincarnation, there still is sadness because we are not seeing those departed loved ones now. Plus, even if we believe we will see them again later, we don’t know how their personality might have slightly changed in a way that is significant to us, or if they might be a different age, gender, or changed in who knows what other way that is different from how we know or knew them now… 

All of that points to a major message of my “Overcoming the Fear of Death” lecture — to live life fully now in the present, not for after you think you’re enlightened, or not for after you die and go to heaven, or not for after you get reincarnated, or whatever. 

Living life in the present. It is key. It has been the key message of every sage that has ever been — look at Jesus’ messages more closely and you will see it there, look at his actions, his behavior — it is clear.


Kelvin H. Chin is a Meditation Teacher, Life After Life Expert, and Author of “Overcoming the Fear of Death.” He learned to meditate at age 19, and has been teaching Turning Within and coaching others in their self-growth for 40 years. He helps people understand their life challenges through their individual belief systems, and helps them find their own solutions. His past life memories reach back many centuries, and he accesses those memories in his teaching and his coaching in the same way all coaches draw on their own available experiences for perspective and effective analogies. He can be reached at or